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Acrylic Primer HS


2K high solid acrylic primer with low solvent content, suitable for new jobs and repairs. It hardens quickly and it is easy to sand. It does not absorb and gives the finishing paints a uniform and high gloss. Overpaintable with any type of paint. In accordance with the 2004/42 / CE regulation.

DILUTION: Acrylic Thinner (00015)
HARDENING: mix ratio by volume 5 : 1 with hardener (code 1512 or code 1520)
DRYING TIME: 5 – 6 hours at 20°C; 30 – 35 minutes in the oven at 60°C
SANDABLE: after 5–6 hours air drying at 20°C or after 30–35 minutes in the oven at 60°C
FOR APPLICATION ON: metal sheets, steel, galvanized surfaces previously roughened, surfaces treated with polyester fillers and primers

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Acrylic Primer HS

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