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Teak Oil


Revitalizing oil for garden furniture and boats.

Protective oil for Teak nourishes every type of hardwood, quickly penetrating deep down where, thanks to its precious oils, it regenerates the fibers stressed by the sun, atmospheric agents and smog. Microporous, it lets the wood breathe, preserving its natural and matt appearance. Formulated for simple and quick maintenance of wooden products (unpainted) such as garden furniture, external flooring, swimming pool edges, wooden boats, etc.

  • Nourishes and regenerates.
  • Protects from sun rays and bad weather.
  • Special for outdoors.

APPLICATION TOOLS: paint-brushcloth
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: check that the surfaces to be treated are perfectly clean and dry. Shake well before use. Spread a coat of product with a brush or rag, taking care to follow the grain of the wood, so that it wets the entire surface and corners well. After approximately 10-15 minutes, remove excess product with a dry, lint-free cloth. The result may vary depending on the type of wood. If possible, do a small test in a corner. If it is necessary to apply a second coat, wait at least 6 hours.
NOTE: Not for use on surfaces already treated with finishing paint.

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Teak Oil

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