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Wood Reviver for Windows and Doors


Wood reviver nourishes and protects the wood, prolonging its beauty and durability. It leaves a very thin transparent film that restores tone and elasticity to the paint.
Particularly suitable for wood exposed outdoors, it protects from U.V. rays. and bad weather, and prevents it from greying. If applied once a year, it significantly extends the life of a window and reduces maintenance interventions.

DILUTION: Ready to use (do not dilute)
DRYING TIME AT 20°C: dry to touch 30 min / in depth 6 hours
FOR APPLICATIONS ON: wooden products (frames, doors and windows, shutters, doors, gazebos, etc.).
ALREADY PAINTED WOOD: to be used on painted supports (including solvent-based). If the wood is not peeled and does not have cracks, simply clean the surface carefully and leave it to dry perfectly. Apply 1 or 2 coats with a rag depending on the desired effect.

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Wood Reviver for Windows and Doors

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