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Terms and Conditions


All orders accepted are subject to our final approval and are subject to these conditions, which are understood to be fully accepted by the buyer; any exceptions must result from written agreements.

Return Policy

With the fulfillment of the order, the goods are sold outright and under the agreed conditions at the time of shipment. Any complaints must reach our office within ten days of delivery. If they are founded to be valid, the replacement process of the defective goods or goods that do not correspond to the order will start, without the option for buyer to be able to make any other claims. However, returns cannot be made without our prior written authorization. Returns of products that have exceeded the storage life indicated on the technical data sheets are not accepted.


The prices indicated in the price list are expressed in Euro and net of VAT. Our products are sold at the prices in effect at the time of the order: it is also our right to make any changes to the price list, even without notice.


For products in the packaging and colors indicated in the price list, delivery to the carrier will take place within a maximum period of ten days from the date of receipt of the order. 
However, if any delays occur they do not imply any responsibility for our company. For sample colors and “off-list” products, the delivery time will be agreed upon after the completion of the order.


The goods travel at the customer’s risk and peril, even if sold carriage paid. Upon receipt of the goods, the customer is required to check the number of packages, making the carrier fi nd any discrepancies with what is indicated on the transport document, as well as to detect tampering or damage to the same; in these cases, the customer must make a written reservation to be countersigned by the carrier.


Only payments made to our headquarters in Verona are valid.

Technical Notes

Our products are supplied with trade names and general indications for their use by expert painters. The buyer, with the confirmation of the order for a particular product, declares to know its technical characteristics and the rules for its correct use. In case of doubts, our offices are at your disposal for further information.


Our products are scrupulously checked, and are intended for sale only if found to meet our standards, subject to usage tolerances. The customer has the right to request the supply “subject to approval of the sample”. In this case, upon request, we will provide a written guarantee that the goods sent correspond to the sample approved by the customer.


For any dispute, the only competent court is that of Verona, Italy.

Need help?

Contact us at info@colorchimica.com if you have any more questions related to delivery, transport, payments, refunds or returns. We’ll be more than happy to assist.

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