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Epoxy Tar No-Tox


Two-component epoxy-tar coating with polyamine hardener, thick, and high dry residue. Excellent anticorrosive resistance in conditions of severe aggression and exposure. Can be used on sandblasted steel and concrete, directly or in combination with epoxy primer. It is mainly used in the lining of tanks, pipes, tanks intended to contain aqueous solutions or chemically aggressive substances. Formulated with substances that do not involve the application of the toxicity symbol on the label.

APPLICATION TOOLS: spray-gunpaint-brushpaint-roller
DILUTION: Epoxy Solvent (code 00012)
HARDENING: 20% of weight with hardener (code 1558). Mix ratio by volume 3 : 1.
DRYING TIME AT 20°C: dry to touch 2 hours, in depth 24 hours
GLOSSINESS: semi-gloss
SPECIFIC WEIGHT (A+B): 1,35 – 1,40 kg/l
THEORETICAL COVERAGE: m² 4,2 for thickness of 100 microns
FOR APPLICATION ON: steel, concrete, epoxy primers

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Epoxy Tar No-Tox

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