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Organic Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer 2K HS


Zinc-rich primer is the best of the organic-based anti-corrosives for steel structures. Its action, which is expressed through cathodic protection, has maximum effect by using it on sandblasted surfaces in industrial and naval protection systems. The content in volatile substances (VOC) is less than 420 gr/L.

DILUTION: Epoxy Solvent (code 00012)
HARDENING: 10% of weight with hardener (code 1509). Mix ratio by volume 4 : 1.
DRYING TIME AT 20°C: dry to touch 30 minutes, in depth 24 hours
SPECIFIC WEIGHT (A+B): 2,00 kg/l
THEORETICAL COVERAGE: m² 4 for thickness of 50 microns
RECOAT WITH: epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, vinyl, chlorinated rubber finishes
FOR APPLICATION ON: sandblasted iron

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Organic Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer 2K HS

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