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High Solids Acrylic Enamel series 11400


Product formulated with pure acrylic resins gives bright, hard, weather-resistant, and unalterable to light coatings. Ideal for high productivity cycles: single coat primer – topcoat. The content of volatile substances (VOC), when applied is less than 420 g/l.

DILUTION: not necessary
HARDENING: 12,5% of weight with hardener (code 1510). Mix ratio by volume 7,4 : 1.
DRYING TIME AT 20°C: dry to touch 1 hour, in depth 24 hours
GLOSSINESS: glossy ( > 90 gloss)
SPECIFIC WEIGHT (A+B): 1,19 – 1,24 kg/l
THEORETICAL COVERAGE: m² 14 for thickness of 30 microns
FOR APPLICATION ON: galvanized sheets, iron, epoxy primer, acrylic primer
AVAILABLE COLORS: RAL and sample colors (minimum production 100kg, for smaller quantities the price will be increased by 20%)

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High Solids Acrylic Enamel series 11400

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